Sunday, 22 June 2008

my weekend

Hi all well my weekend has been abit up in the air i got a phone call on friday morning at 6.30 from my sister's hubby saying my sister had gone in to labor and woould i have there little boy for them so had to get up as they wouldnt be long befor they got to mine, so my day went out the window as i was ment to be going to my fridays for a day off crafting and had to go to the docters for 11 for a blood test my dad was good as he come with me so he could look after Harrison why i went and had it done then off to asda food shopping with him, on the way home we popped in to see my niece and her new baby why we was there i got a call from my ssiter saying she was being sent home as she was only 1cm and needed to be 3cm befor she was in full lador so she come to pick H up, after that we went to ikea as i wanted somethings from there didnt send much tho as i cudnt find what i was looking for, friday night i got talking to my friday about my day and she asked if i wanted to come the next day for a day of crafting so sat'day i got up and went to tracy's but had to pop to tesco's befor i went as had to pick a bottle of wine up for her i got there about 11 and what a great day we had i only got 6 cards made tho lol as stopped for something to eat at dinner time and then got back to it and made some more well tryed to i had my tea there to had a lovely curry made by her hubby and drinks i didnt get home till gone 11.30, today sunday i'm just having a chill out day i may try and make something abit later but anuff from me for now

lol tracy x

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